Pokémon GO is so boring...

Go and find the real stuff !!!

Find CybARdelics all over the world !!!

Psychedelic Augmented Reality

Follow the Rabbit and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.

Enjoy psychedelic effects without taking illegal substances...wherever you are...

A quick hit of LSD feeling while you are in the sub ? A relaxing virtual joint in the park ? Cyberdelic mushrooms while waiting for the date with your shrink ?

A hallucinogen break from work ?

Escape the hamster wheel for a moment without breaking the law !

Aliens in the subway ? Living, moving graffities ? Dancers and butterflies in the park ?

Flying fish ? UFOs that only you can see ? Black holes in your room ?

Is it just an illusion or hallucinations ?

Turn your surroundings into a never ending trip of colors, motion and music...

All you need is a smartphone or tablet


No tracking, no big brother watching you, just pure FUN !

Install the free Augment APP on your smartphone or tablet.

Enter " cybardelic" in the search or use the buttons below.


Immerse yourself wherever you are !

Make photos of your findings and share your trip !

Stay tuned, like our Facebookpage for more info ! SOON !!!

Some CybARdelics might effect your vision for a while !
You might see things moving or wobbling, that is normal and will go away...
It's part of the experience !
Warning: Don't use CybARdelics in traffic ! 
Watch your step wherever you are ! 
Do not use when sensitive to fast images ! 

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CybARdelics TO GO ! are the portable version of VR Cyberdelics 
CYBARDELICS and VR CYBERDELICS by Visual GImmicks, COPYRIGHT 2016 by Miguelangelo