I am a big fan of Virtual Reality since many Years. 

Waiting for the technology to get it right and working. Many things have come up and gone again. ViOS was the first 3D Virtual Reality internet browser. I found it again on one of my old disks. It worked fine and it was a new way to explore the web. Fly around and build cities of webpages in the Virtual World of ViOS.

Julian Lombardi (born November 11, 1956) is an American inventor, author, educator, and computer scientist known for his work with socio-computational systems, scalable virtual world technologies, and in the design and deployment of deeply collaborative virtual learning environments.

Lombardi founded ViOS, Inc. where, during the period from 1999–2001, he served as the venture capital-backed company's first CEO and then Chief Creative Officer/Software architect. There, he and his team designed and implemented ViOS, a client–server technology that enabled the first 3D user interface to network deliverable resources (including the Internet) in the form of a highly customizable and massively multi-user online virtual environment – essentially a very large scale social software system/3D wiki. 


You can download  ViOS from 2001 for Windows - tested until Windows 7

This software has not been tested on Virtual Reality headsets or cardboard etc.
Install it without any waranty only for experiments !
The screenshots are ViOS on Windows 7
Feedback welcome.


Recovered from installed program, just unzip und run ViOS Client.

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